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Keep track of what the market thinks about cryptocurrencies!

Cerulio is a detailed and easy to use web application for determining what everyone is thinking about a particular cryptocurrency.

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Expanded charts. Visualize the data.

Quickly see where the market is headed based on our collected social media information. Use the charts to perform analysis on the data based on the last 7, 30, or 90+ days.

Advanced data collection. Get a summary of social media in seconds.

No more needing to check multiple networks every day for 3 hours in order to determine what the market is thinking. Quickly inspect the up to date data and spend your time elsewhere.

Take control if you like. Inspect the raw data yourself

Coming soon is our REST API to feed our data into your own analysis tools or trade bots!

Premium: Sentiment Reversal Indicator! Predict market direction changes at a glance!

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